Y’all Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind…

If you’re looking for a good deal, this month has it.  For February ONLY, Jamberry is offering two extra (EXCLUSIVE!!) full sheets in new consultant kits!  So you get all of the supplies, promo products, etc., but with SIX full sheets of wraps.  Yeah.  SIX.  February Join Image


That’s an amazing deal, even if you NEVER host a party, sell to a friend or neighbor, etc.  You get the discount for the year (at least 30%), application kit, heater, and sneak peeks at products, along with those two (super chic) exclusive designs!

If you’ve thought about joining, THIS is the time to do it!!

Do you have any idea how amazing it feels to help women, who always put others before themselves?? Do you want to be able to treat your family – or TREAT YO’SELF with feeling guilty about the splurge?? Do you feel like you need an outlet to be creative, have supportive friends, and just do something for yourself?? I do, I do!!

Join me on this amazing adventure and this month you get two extra sheets of wraps in your kit AND a chance to earn a $25 rebate! HOLLLLLLLER!

Just comment if you have questions about the possible rebate or details!  And if you already get what a fab deal this is, go HERE to sign up for your box of Jamtabulousness! 

February Stylebox

I’ve said it a few times, but if you KNOW you love Jamberry, Stylebox is the WAY TO GO.  And if you’re just trying it, Stylebox is the way to go.

First: It’s a deal.  You get more product than it would cost to buy it all separately.

Second: That whole “What’s your style?” quiz finally means something, unlike the MLB All-Star game.  The winner actually determines what comes in your box.  Each category gets different stuff.  (You can pre-select each month in case there’s a pretty amazing something-or-other in a different category.)

Third: For those of us in this world that have trouble looking like we’ve even SEEN a fashion magazine, Stylebox is like a little Fashion Fairy delivered to your mailbox every month.  The products go together, come with tips for wearing them, etc.

And last.  The biggest reason to subscribe:  FREE SHIZZ.  Every couple of months there’s a major bonus product – either an extra bottle of lacquer, eye shadow, lipstick, or extra sheet of wraps.  In January, it was a voucher for 2 free Chatbooks.  So yeah – the swag is worth it.

The February Stylebox has a magical freebie in it:


Shyeah.  Did you see that “Shattered Glass” stuff?  That design that looked like unicorn tears running down the windows on the Barbie Dreamhouse?  That’s this month’s freebie, and you can only get it in the February Stylebox.

Stylebox Information, Quiz, and Details HERE! 

It’s not for every gal, but it IS for me.

Who got through the holidays and sort of forgot to go back to “work”?

This-girl - Image from Reality Day Dream.jpg
Image Credit: RealityDayDream.com

This is maybe my second extended hiatus – the first one ended after I went to JamCon2015 and felt all sorts of amazing feels relating to all things Jamberry.   This time, it was another girl on my team just reminding me how much fun our team is, how nice it is to spoil our littles with treats every now and then and not feel guilty for it.


PLUS – I took Amelia to the nail salon for a “Mommy and Me” manicure – and it DESTROYED my nails.  I cheated on Jams and I paid for it.  But now… I’m BACK, babies!!


Which leads me to this post:

Jamberry: It’s not for every gal, but it IS for me.

I know that not everyone loves Jamberry – either the nail wraps, the gels, the lacquers.  Trust me – from some of the comments on this page to some of the nastier guests at parties, I get it.  There are a ton of things out there that I have the same vitriolic response to when I try them (albeit a lot quieter since I’m afraid to piss anyone off by saying, “Uh – thanks, but Shakeology made me want to die fat.”)

Be a Nice Human.jpg
Image Credit: Oh My Deer Paper Gifts and Hand Lettering on Etsy.  Go there.  The stuff is beautiful!  

So here’s my take on it.

The nail wraps work for me.  They didn’t work perfectly at first and I had some major trial-and-error, but they work.  I don’t have time or money to go to a salon, and I don’t have the time or talent to do the nail art for myself.  Plus, my kid LOVES the Jamberry Juniors.

Remember that “Mommy and Me” manicure I just mentioned?  Amelia’s lasted two days.  DAYS.  Her shortest Jamicure has lasted over a full week.  (Her record is three weeks: the Halloween peacocks.)

Here’s *why* I think they worked for me:


  1.  I didn’t give up after my first try (when I honestly thought, “well, this is kind of a bust.”)  I had three packages of the silly things, so I just kept practicing.  I’d already paid for all of it, I might as well see if I could get them to work.
  2. I use the Jamberry mini-heater.  Yes, they work with a blowdryer.  Yes, you *could* hold them in front of the vent in the car while blasting full-heat.  For me – those things didn’t work, were cumbersome, or sent everything on the kitchen table blowing across the room.  That, my friends, did *not* work for me.
  3. I make sure to leave a small gap around the edges of my nails (along the cuticles), so I know for sure that the Jams aren’t overlapping any skin.  That’s the Kiss O’ Death for nail wraps.
  4. I have fun with it.  I don’t take it too seriously.  I have fun with my team.  I’m not trying to be the next Queen of the Jam World Exec.  I’m just trying to pay for pizza night.

Advice for Success with Jamberry:

First, have fun.  If you like the idea, keep trying it out.

Second, buy the mini-heater.  If you end up not liking Jamberry after trying them with that, you can always use it as a hand warmer!


But mostly, if you find you don’t like them, that’s totally fine.  Just be careful when you go to a salon and make sure you go for the gentlest options for removal.  Pick 5-free formulas.  Supports some of the amazing nail-art peeps that make Instagram such a fantastic place.





If Christmas Letters Told the Truth

Every year, we get a couple of pretty amazing Christmas letters updating us on the celestial achievements that a particular family has achieved over the past year.  Glowing highlights, culled from Facebook’s “These are the posts that make you look the least crazy” category.

But seriously – that’s not life.  So to help us all approach the holidays with a little more realism, here’s what our Christmas letter would say, if I made any effort at all to go to the post office, buy stamps, and Shutterfly some pictures where we all had our eyes open…

Our 2015 End-of-Year Wrap-Up:

Dear Friends and Family,

Another year has passed.  We made it – all of our kids are alive and we’re still married.  Our house is still standing, and our kids are dressed most days in weather-appropriate clothing.

Amelia started Kindergarten and is the sassiest, silliest, and smartest kid in the world.  She can also bring her mother to Olympic levels of stress-eating in a matter of minutes.

Henry started preschool, thank goodness.  Our house would NOT still be standing if he were home for the entire day.  Henry’s life revolves around “bad guys,” toilet humor, and making his sister’s life miserable.

They love each other so much that it makes their mom cry.

J is still working, which we’re super happy about because I don’t want to go back to being a lawyer ever in my entire life.  He likes his job, likes his coworkers, and is a great dad.  We also recently found out that he likes Coca-Cola flavored gummi candy, which was a major shock.

I’ve taken up quilting in yet another attempt to avoid doing laundry.  Jamberry doesn’t pay the bills, but it’s fun.  A lot more fun than laundry.

We didn’t win the lottery; we didn’t cure cancer; and most days our home looks like a hurricane went through.  But we’re all good.

Peace out.  See you in 2016.  Or not, because we can’t stand long car trips.



Star Wars pandemonium

When I was a kid, my brother would always get to pick what we watched on TV. He was older, bigger, and he had the “hold your sister down while choosing the movie” move totally perfected. (This is also why we had to watch He-Man instead of She-Rah, which would have been a superior choice.  #Obvi.)

A tiny amount of appreciation for Star Wars stuck with me over the years. So when I saw this picture today I had a little warm and fuzzy feeling towards my brother and all things Jedi.
I think it’s kind of like childbirth, where as time goes by, you forget the pain involved and only preserve the happy part of your memory!




So yup.  This is basically the marriage of my childhood and adult life.

Like ’em??  Find them here! 

I like big books and I cannot lie…

My little girl is a reader!!!

She’s been reading sight words and trying to sound some bigger words out for awhile now, but in the past week or two she’s been reading nonstop.  I’m so proud of her!

One of the best things is how excited she is about “helping” at bedtime with her little brother.  She loves to be the big grown-up girl tucking her brother in, reading him stories, and then sing-shouting lullabies in his face.

The reading has been a good development.  Her lullaby technique needs a little work.  Screaming, “BLAH BLAH BLACK SHEEP” in H’s face just doesn’t seem to be relaxing to him.

What she’s reading now:

This boxed set has been one of the best purchases we’ve ever made.  It’s the Usbourne “Very First Reader” set and it’s perfect for kids who are just getting their confidence with sight words and reading.  The set has 15 books and each book progresses just a tiny bit in difficulty and vocabulary.

A Girl and Her Chocolate

This girl has ALL of my heart!

We go every year to Suzette’s Creperie for their Christmas Tea with my mom.  Amelia eats up all of the attention, not to mention the cookies and treats!

This year she basically fell in love at first site with the piano player, who went into a pretty rousing version of “Frosty the Snowman” as soon as this was plopped down in front of my little lady:

Amelia and Hot Chocolate- Yum

To say she enjoyed it would be a serious understatement…


Don’t we all just want to commit like that every now and then when we find something we like?  Just get your WHOLE FACE in a big pot of chocolate and go to town?  When does that kind of impulse-control kick in??

Story Time with Grandma

My mom has been here visiting for a few days and my kids have pretty much been in heaven!

Yeah…. I’mma need to live close to my Mom.

When we first got married, we lived out in Connecticut, a long ways away from my parents and my in-laws.  Once we had Amelia, I realized just how much I wanted to be closer to my family and back in the Midwest.  I really did like living in Connecticut; New Haven had some amazing restaurants and museums, the Long Island Sound was beautiful, and the proximity to Boston and NYC made it a great place for us to live as a young married couple.   But living in the city of New Haven with a newborn really wasn’t something we were excited about doing.

But mostly, if we’re being honest:  I’m a total homebody, momma-and-daddy’s girl, family-first kind of person.   Big time.  I missed my mom and dad.

Now that we’ve been back in the Midwest for a few years, I know we’ve made the right choice.  We get to see our family so much more than we ever would have if we were still out East.  And now, it’s just a tank of gas rather than airfare to see them!

Books and Bedtimes

So back to now: My mom came to visit for a few days.  She helped out at our little Montessori school at the holiday bazaar, took Amelia to a Christmas Tea, and spent a ton of time just lovin’ on my kiddos.  Getting to see this two nights in a row absolutely made my days!!


Amelia with Grandma.jpg

Amelia and my mom, reading the “Picture Atlas” from Usbourne Books.  So fun to hear Amelia’s questions about the world!
Henry and Grandma

Henry and my mom reading about pirates.  This book came with a little wind-up pirate ship that races along tracks that are IN THE BOOK.  FOR REALZ.  Want to get your kids more interested in reading?  Put a friggin’ moving pirate ship IN THE BOOK.

So yeah – these little moments make me even more certain that we did the right thing for our family to be a bit closer!

You can find these books – two of our faves! – right here!