Jamberry Mail Day – aka – My Stylebox is Here!

March has always meant March Madness in this house.  Jeff will get out any screen that can be hooked up to the internet, subscribe to the channel that airs every single game, and sets up the TV room like it’s Mission Control.  Then – each screen is on a different game.  (I know – it’s crazy, but it’s only once a year.)  And the craziest part?  He actually FOLLOWS it; he knows the points, the rankings, the favored picks and the upsets.  For each game.  Every year.  Even if you don’t like basketball, it’s pretty impressive.

When Jamberry announced that the March Stylebox was named “March Matteness,” I knew I’d love it.  A play on words for March Madness??  Matte nail wraps?  Sign me up.  So today, my “mailbox got a little more stylish” (Jamberry’s ad-line, FYI).  March Matteness in the HOUSE!!!

March Stylebox 1

With the Stylebox subscription, you get a REALLY good deal.  You get at least $30 of Jamberry products, PLUS the necessary tools, AND free shipping, but for only $25.  You’re already getting a $5 discount on the Jams, then add in the tools, shipping, and styling tips and you’re getting a steal!  Jamberry has also said that going forward, all of the wraps or lacquers included in the Stylebox will be exclusive items – you won’t be able to find them in the catalog or order them at a later time!  So it’s like a secret little Jam o’ the Month Club.  Members only, peeps.

March Stylebox 2First out of the box – you get a styling card that tells you how to incorporate the designs into your “Signature Look” and the inspiration behind that month’s color and design scheme.
Stylebox 3In the box? Two EXCLUSIVE Jamberry products, a Jamberry file (these things are FANTASTIC = sturdy enough to even survive my two-year-old), and an orange stick.

Coming in for it’s close-up, March Matteness is GORGEOUS.  I love the spring pastels and the floral chevron.  And the matte finish is pretty – I like that it kind of mutes the design a bit, making it a bit more feminine and classic than a passing trend!
March Stylebox 4

Now – I say this as a basketball fan, born and raised on watching the Indiana Hoosiers and Bobby Knight.  So I don’t say this lightly.  I like March Matteness more than March Madness.  Just sayin’.  What do YOU think?  Did they “Nail It?”  Interested in more info on the Stylebox subscription?  It comes in 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions and you can give it as a gift – or just guarantee yourself a fun day at the mailbox.

Like quizzes?? Click here to find your “Signature Style” for Stylebox! 

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