Another new adventure~

Hey JamFans!

Starting yet another crazy project for my Jamberry obsession!  So many days I feel like I have a ton of information to share or excitement to spread, and a random pic on Facebook just doesn’t cut it!  So I’m going to give this a try!

I was introduced to Jamberry in July 2014 by my UBER-fabulous sister-in-law, Megs.  I was so skeptical, but she hosted a party and I bought to support her.  And then I bought because I thought they were cute.  And then I bought because they actually worked like she said they would!  By that time, I’d seen enough.  I was hooked – and I loved it!

It really does *seem* like a frivolous thing, but after being home with my amazing kiddos for so long, I’d kind of forgotten to take the time to do the “little things” to make myself feel a little more special day-to-day.  Jamberry does that!  15 minutes on one day to apply and I have a little smile for 2 weeks anytime I see a fun and funky or posh and polished manicure.  And I didn’t even have to get a babysitter or find time to go to a salon.  (Because let’s be honest – not happenin’.)

So here’s my attempt to share a little bit of that with YOU!  I’ll keep you up to date with design trends, great combos, product announcements and reviews and tons of tips on how to get the best looks and applications!   And fair warning – you’ll probably get some cute kid pics and #momlife musings 🙂 It won’t always be Jam-related – but it should always be FUN!


Thanks for Jammin’ with me!

My Funny Valentines

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