Mommy and Me Time

So.  I have this little lady in my life that is about as fabulous as can be.  She pretty much wants to grow up to be Katy Perry – so much so that she went as Katy for Halloween.  And… she’s not even 5 yet. Amelia Katy Perry

MOMMY AND ME Time:  This kiddo of mine LOVES having “fancy fingers” – and I always think it will be a great little “Mommy and Me” time for her to sit and paint her nails.  It always ends up being a total fiasco.  I get frustrated because she just can’t SIT STILL and we end up doing each tiny fingernail three or four times.  And then she scratches her head.  Or sticks her hand in the Cheerios.  Or **shudder** makes a beeline for our new couch.

So what could have been fun and a good Mommy and Me “bonding” moment ends up being a total “MomLife” nightmare.  But….

Mommy and Me - matching Jams, matching chubby digits :)
Mommy and Me – matching Jams, matching chubby digits 🙂

JAMBERRY JUNIORS!!!  Saving Mommy and Me time one manicure at a time! No dry time!  Perfectly-sized for pint-sized pop princesses~~ like mine!!  Cute designs!  Non-toxic! She can get up and run around at any time!! Okay. These things basically live at the corner of Awesome and Bombdigity.

**Pro Tip** Jamberry wraps MUST have heat to apply and adhere correctly – even during those little Mommy and Me moments.  But I REALLY don’t like the idea of holding the heat against my kiddo’s little hands.  So I heat the wrap FIRST, apply it to her teeny tiny nail (so cute!), then use nail clippers to trim the excess wrap (and trim her nails at the same time!).  Love, love, love.

How about you??  Does your little one LOOOOVE getting pampered and fussed over?

Click here to see all of the available Jamberry Junior designs in the new catalog!

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