My husband jokingly referred to it as “Dragon Feet” syndrome – #TrueLove

Every winter (or at the end of every summer after tromping around the pool in cheap flip-flops!), I get the driest skin – hands, feet, elbows, you name it.  I tried EVERYTHING – and nothing worked for a long-term solution.  Some stuff was super greasy, other products could knock you out cold with the fragrance, and some stuff was just cost-prohibitive.   My good ol’ hubs even jokingly referred to it as “Dragon Feet” syndrome a few times.  Lucky he does laundry, isn’t he??

Biggest thing – I REALLY had to up the amount of water I was drinking.  But it didn’t totally take care of it, especially during “Chiberia” winters!!  I tried Nourish for the first time in November and am totally convinced!!

If you’re having trouble Nourish Promowith dry skin, make sure you’re drinking tons of water and using a great moisturizer. If yours just isn’t getting the job done anymore, check out “Nourish” from Jamberry – thick, creamy, and only lightly-scented. It’s made a world of difference for me this winter!  Again – along with REALLY trying to remember to stay hydrated!!

Kind of loving that this is the first winter in about 10 years that Jeff hasn’t complained about my “dragon feet.” Love you, buddy!

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