March “Matte”ness – Jamberry Nails Stylebox Sneak Peek!

Jamberry has their own “Jam of the Month Club” (literally) – the Stylebox!  Each month you get a delivery of EXCLUSIVE JamSwag that’s only available to subscribers.  BEST. MAIL DAY. EVER.  And not just wraps and lacquer!!  You also get all of the tools you need to get the *perfect* look, along with a styling card to tell you how to incorporate that month’s products into your “signature” look!

And check it out – Jamberry’s January’s Stylebox even included a bonus tube of the PINKEST lipstick in the world.  Holla!!

January StyleBox - Actual Now, it’s no secret that I love me some Jams.  Big time.  But every month this surprise little package is so fun.  First, you get a little preview of it in a video from Jamberry.  Such a tease.  Then, one day you go to the mailbox, and there’s a BOX for you – not a bill, not the huge envelope of coupons to places you’ve never heard of, not a Land of Nod catalog showing things that no person can afford if they have ever even let their kid *glance* at a crayon.  A gift just – JUST – for you!  From Jamberry.  Nice.

So… here’s the peek at March Stylebox!!

Kind of loving on that floral chevron!!  What do you think??  Did they “nail it” for March Matte-ness??

Click here to check out more great info on the subscription service! 

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