New Spring/Summer 2015 Designs Have Arrived!

I’ve seen the new designs in the Jamberry Spring/Summer 2015 Catalog, but I hadn’t seen them in person, other than the samples sheets, which I’ve been drooling over! Truly, the sample sheets have left me circling nearly every new option in the catalog.  JamProbs.  But today… Jamberry Mail Day! I got two purple Jamberry envelopes filled with new designs!  I had saved up some hostess rewards from February parties, knowing I wanted to get my hands on these new wraps as soon as possible!  And I’m even more excited about showing you guys the new products now that I’ve seen them person. Just check out these GORGEOUS combos!

Out of Focus and Daydream
Out of Focus and Daydream

First out of the purple envelope for Jamberry Mail Day: Daydream and Out of Focus! I love the neutral pink and the gorgeous pastels of this combination.  Very feminine and “girly,” but still fun and chic enough for people over the age of 14.   Paired together it really makes it so fun and updated.  Try it out and bring your look into the Spring trends!  And… get ready for this next one…

Cabana and Zen Garden
Cabana and Zen Garden

Right?  Jamberry knocked it out of the park with this on-trend new design! Over-sized florals were all over the runways at New York Fashion week – and this combo shows that off in a wearable way.  I love the colors in these two new options.  “Cabana” is such a fresh design on it’s own with the white striping along the bottom.  But pair it with “Zen Garden” –  that’s a “Mixed Mani” I can get excited about wearing!

For more options, check out my shop! 

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