Do Jamberry Nail Wraps Actually Work??

I hear this question ALL the time, “Do Jamberry Nail Wraps actually work?”  And the answer is…. YES!  Back in December, a party guest, Sarah, purchased some Jams in a friend’s party.  She also booked a party with me (Yay! So fun!) for February.

One thing about hosting a Jamberry party, I really want the HOSTESS to show her friends that, “Yes!  Jamberry Nail Wraps actually do work!”  I always send a few freebies and samples for the hostess to flaunt to her friends so they can see “in real life” that their friend, the hostess, is actually standing behind the product.   Sarah was a Rock Star – flaunting her flawless manicures, telling her skeptical friends how well the Jams were holding up, and PROVING it with pictures. ROCK STAR hostess!

Then… after seeing that Jamberry nails actually do work, Sarah joined my team as a consultant!!! So… She tried them, she liked them.  She tried them again, she LOVED them, and she joined!   And… I did a happy dance.  I LOVE it when a girl really *gets* how great these little things *really* are – and wants to share them just as much as I do!  It really is so fun getting to give people a little boost or smile each day – and Jamberry really does do that! But I digress…

Fast forward to today, when Sarah shared her proof on my Facebook page that…yup… Jamberry Nail Wraps actually do work.  Here’s what she shared:

Sarah's Jams After 12 Days!
Sarah’s “Champagne Toast” and “Sugar and Spice” Jams After 12 Days!

See the healthy nail growth?  See the Jams that look FABULOUS??  This is after 12 days!!  And wait – it gets better!! When I asked Sarah if I could use her picture for this post, here was her response! Sarah - Further Testimonial for 12 day comparisonSo – “Do Jamberry Nail Wraps Actually Work?”  YES!  They really do!  Apply the Jams correctly and you’ll EASILY get these results as well!  Need tips and tricks on how to apply?  Click here for my tips on getting a perfect application. 

Sarah is wearing the “Sugar and Spice” and “Champagne Toast” designs – PERFECT for every day, neutral enough for an office setting, but still fun and sparkly!!

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