Skip the Chips!

Are you sick of polishing your nails, only to have to redo them within the hour because of smudged polish?  Or chips?  Ever go to a salon and leave with wet nails, only to remember that your keys are at the BOTTOM of your purse? No good!! No good I say!! Skip the Chips

You’ll hear every Jamberry consultant say it over and over: “Jamberry Nail wraps won’t chip or smudge!” Want to know why we harp on and on about it?  Because it’s true!  Jamberry wraps are just a different product altogether from the other wraps and nail art options on the market.  The BIGGEST difference – they’re vinyl.  It doesn’t break apart, it doesn’t chip, it’s never wet to being with so you don’t have to worry about dry time.  So go ahead!  Do your nails!  You can even dig around for your keys IMMEDIATELY after you finish your manicure!  Or… dig into a bag of chips – the kind that goes with guacamole, amiright?

For your own no-chip manicure that you can do at home for less than $4 per application, click here!

And to keep up with promotions, product sneak peeks, etc., click here!  

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