Free Jamberry Product? What’s the Catch?

i-heart-free-stuffSo if you’ve landed on this post, you’ve either searched “Free Jamberry” in a search engine, or you’re already a believer in Jamberry Nail wraps.  (Or – you’re REALLY in the wrong place – feel free to stick around!) Good news – there’s a REALLY easy and fun way to get the goods for free.

Did you just say to yourself, “Free Jamberry Product?  What’s the Catch?”  The catch is that you have to want to have fun.  The catch is that you have to want to have fun with your friends.  The catch is that you have to have fun with your friends and have great looking nails.

Every direct sales company has some kind of rewards system for their hostesses.  It’s the BEST part about being a hostess!  Jamberry has a really generous hostess reward program filled with free products, discounts, free shipping, AND the chance to earn credit towards consultant kits.  Notice that I said “AND”??  It’s not just a couple of freebies and maybe free shipping on THAT order.  On the last party that I just closed out, here’s what the hostess rewards were!
MS Fundraiser Rewards

This particular party was a fundraiser for Walk MS, so instead of hostess rewards for the hostess, I’m donating my commission to her Walk MS 5K team.  So, for her fundraiser, she raised $110 just by commenting on a few Facebook posts and wearing a free manicure.  Not bad for a week of Facebooking, right? Either way you look at it – those amazing FREE JAMBERRY PRODUCTS or a chunk of change for charity, it’s an amazing rewards system.  As for me? As a consultant, I love it because it makes it very easy to quickly build up your inventory, try out new products, or stock up for party prizes.

Want to earn your own stockpile of Free Jamberry wraps, lacquer, or hand care??  Click here and we can get your Facebook party scheduled!! 

And don’t forget to sign up for the Jam Sessions newsletter to keep up-to-date on any extra hostess incentives for subscribers!!

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