Leopard Print Jamberry Nails – A Subtle Way to Show Off!

Just. No.
Just. No.

Before Jamberry Nails came along, I categorized Leopard Print wardrobe items as belonging solely in Boca Raton or in a smoky bar with sad characters hanging around.  And nothing against Chicos, but I always think that too much leopard can make you look like you’re having a Chicos kind of day.  (Sorry Mom! But you’re the *one* person that can buy outfits from that store and look chic as all get-out!)

A little bit after I joined as a consultant, I saw Jamberry’s “Natural Leopard” wraps – I thought it wasn’t too bad.  Then, I saw the “Gilded Leopard” wraps and thought, “Hey!  Those are kind of cute!”  I even started thinking that maybe it was something I could pull off for a night out.  And the more I saw it, the more I thought, “Sure!  I could do that…every day….” One of my team members has even joked that as far as she’s concerned, Jamberry “Leopard print IS a neutral“! Browns?  Blacks?  Khakis?  Check!

Gold Leopard Jen Bromley TestimonialThis week… one of my VIP customers posted a picture of her manicure (from her purchase in the Walk MS Fundraiser – Yay!).  I LOVE it!! This is the “Gold Leopard” with the new “White Stripe” clear wrap on he ring finger.  Super cute, chic, and something that the new “Jamberry Suzanna” would wear all the time!

How about you?  Animal prints a go or no-go?  I’m still probably a mani-only kind of girl for the leopard, but even that was a no-go for me only a few months ago!

Want to try it out? I have samples of the “Natural Leopard” that could be in your mailbox in a matter of days!  Comment below or send me a message to get your own free sample – and flaunt your animal instinct!

Love the look?  Click here to see it!! 

And PS: This is “Flirty Leopard” mixed with “Pixie” – two NEW designs featured in the Spring/Summer 2015 catalog.  So fun! Flirty Leopard and Pixie

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