Let People See the … Weird, Beautiful, Quirky, Magical

***Commercial Break from the Jamberry Stuff, JamFans.  My kiddos are on my mind!***
Just Be YourselfI saw this image a few months ago on Pinterest (pin ALL the things!!) and it really stood out against all of the DIY toothpaste and popsicle-stick-IPhone holders on the main page.

“Let people see the …. quirky, weird, beautiful, magical person that you are.”    Remember all of the times in middle school and high school when you were SO heartbroken and defeated, and your parents would just keep telling you “Be Yourself” or “You don’t need to change anything about how you look/talk/think/dress”  (Well, a lot of times we needed to change the way we were dressed….)  And at the time, we just *knew* that we had to hide the quirky and imperfect parts of our identities, right?

As I’ve gotten older, I totally get it now.  My kids are amazing.  My daughter is one of the strangest, wildest, most gorgeous and hilarious creatures to ever grace the planet.  My son is following in her footsteps.   I’m really hoping that they hold on to what makes them different and unique – those are the most special parts of their personalities!

Weird and Quirky Post over – back to our regularly scheduled programming next week!! And – Confession: I had NO clue who Mandy Hale was when I first saw the image – and now that I’ve done my Google-ing, I feel like I’m the only one in the world that hadn’t.  **Adds titles to “Must Read” List**

Giving credit where it’s due! Original Image Source

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