Mommy and Me with Jamberry Lacquers

My “baby” girl LOVES having her nails done.  When I was polishing her nails, I got to the point that I dreaded her asking me to paint them for her – it wasn’t fun for either of us.  I’d end up being so frustrated with her squirming around and ruining it, chipping it within the hour only to shed some tears, etc.

Mommy and Me Kiss with Leo Geo LaceI know that Jamberry Juniors work really well for Mommy and Me time – and they actually last on her, too!  But I was wondering about the Jamberry lacquer and how it would hold up for her.  So when she asked to have “matching” nails with me, I thought I’d give it a test run.  I have on “Haute Pink” with “Leo Geo and Lace” layered over (more on that later!), and the “Kiss” lacquer is a perfect match.  And it’s the perfect hot pink for my little fashionista.

It was such a fast manicure with the polish that then she asked for a matching Jam – “So we can be twins, Momma!”  I LOVE this little girl of mine!!

KIss Lacquer

Jamberry’s Nail Lacquers are better than your normal polish – they dry quickly, are 5-Free, and go on smoothly and dry without brush strokes.  Perfect for you gals that just love a good bottle of nail polish!

**Tips and Tricks for Mommy and Me Time**

1. Wash their hands with Dawn dish soap or another degreaser.  Little kiddos have much oilier nails than we do;this is a great step to add in to get several more days out of a manicure.

2. Are they small enough to sit on your lap?  It’s a lot easier to keep them still if you’re holding on to them!

3.  Rubbing alcohol or vinegar to prep the nails will also go a long way – for your own manicures, too.  It gets the excess oils off of your nails and helps pH-balance your nails.  Witch Hazel is also great for this!

4.  Talk!  Tell stories!  Enjoy your time with your littles! The more entertained they are, the stiller they seem to stay!

Find all of the new Spring/Summer colors here, as well as some gorgeous and time-tested classics! 

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