Sneak Peek into Being Behind-the-Scenes as a Jamberry Consultant!

It’s no secret that I LOOOOOVE being a Jamberry independent consultant.  But here’s your chance to give it a try BEFORE you officially join and go behind-the-scenes as a Jamberry Consultant!  My team is having a “Sneak Peek” on Facebook for our group team page this coming Monday and Tuesday (March 30th and 31st) – if you’re interested, I’d love to share the chance with you!!  At the end of the Peek, if you’re not interested, we just say “goodbye” and go about our merry ways.  If you’ve joined up, you’ll be a part of one of the best teams in JamHistory!  (If I say so myself….)

Sneak Peek- March

For our Sneak Peek, we add you to our group page for those two days.  We answer questions, give away prizes, provide info and show you how the team works together to give everyone the best start possible as a consultant.  Also – you learn all about getting these Jams at a discount – and getting paid to have pretty nails! 

Jamberry has been absolutely transformative for me.  I’ve reclaimed my identity as a professional, not *just* as a mom; I’m earning enough monthly to help pay for my kiddos to go to the local Montessori school, a dream of ours; and I get to see the same amazing transformations every day with my teammates.  The “side effects” of being a part of Jamberry have been both numerous and priceless!

Up for a Sneak Peek?  Send me an e-mail or comment below!   I would LOVE to share the opportunities that I’ve had since joining in August!  

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