Is your Bracket Busted?? Don’t Worry – Your Nails Won’t Be!

Is your March Madness Bracket Busted?  My Alma Mater, Michigan State is still in the hunt – Let’s Go State!!  But for those of you who picked the Cinderella Stories (Wichita State and Ron Baker, Valpo? Say it ain’t so!) or the #1 seed that went down in flames, March Madness can quickly turn into March Sadness.  Unless you just jump on the Anti-Kentucky bandwagon, which is always a really great option! March Madness

Fortunately, Jamberry Nails can save you from March Sadness – at least when it comes to your manicure!  Have you seen the officially-licensed NCAA jams??  Check these out!!  Collegiate Craze

Cute, durable, and more long-lasting than the Indiana Hoosiers on game night.  (Zing!)  March Madness has never been SO good-lookin’!  And just like the other Jamberry nail wraps, the NCAA wraps won’t chip, smudge, or budge!  Even better?  They’ll last you all the way through to the championship game!!

Click here to see the entire line-up of schools – and Jamberry is always adding more as NCAA approval rolls in! 

Is your team still in the Tourney??  Also – Notre Dame Fans:  Check out “Shamrockin'” for rooting on your Irish!!

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