Bill Murray Makes Everything Better

Bill Murray - You're Awesome  Good grief.  We just got through one of *those* weekends.  You know the type – kids are crazy, weather isn’t quite nice enough to go outside, you’re tired, and you bump into EVERYTHING?  We had that – with a potty-training two-year-old, a sassy four-year-old, and cabin fever.  I was actually looking forward to Monday!

I was trying to decide what to write about today and came across not one, but TWO Bill Murray images on my drive.  And smiled.  Because who doesn’t like at least SOMETHING that Bill Murray has done?  (Also, he lives in Charleston, SC, which is where I got married, which basically makes us best friends.  Right?)

So I’m making the most of my Monday – which is usually spent main-lining coffee and being about as snarky as possible.   My little gal is on spring vacation this week, so I took her for an impromptu swim lesson at the gym, after which the two kiddos played outside in the bright sunshine and ran off the crazy.  So glad to see a little bit of sun today!  (Plus – for those of you here for the Jams, the nail wraps held up through the pool, the hot tub, and weed-pulling session afterwards!)

The second Bill Murray graphic I saw today?  Also ON POINT: Bill-Murray-Grab-This-Day2

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