New Style Exclusive for April – Check out Bellagio!

One of the things I really like about Jamberry is that the product designs are constantly changing.  For example, every month the three sisters who founded the company create an exclusive design, which is available ONLY for the month during which it’s released. It helps keep the product line fresh, on trend, and current.  Yesterday being April 1st, Jamberry released this month’s “Sisters’ Style Exclusive”: “Bellagio” – and it’s only available until April 30th! 

Bellagio Catalog Image

I really like this limited-time design!   While it’s named after the Lake Como village in Italy, it also really reminds me of the beautiful terra cotta and colorful tiles all over Mexico and parts of the Southwest.  Plus, it really makes me think that Spring is actually going to happen (eventually), despite the crazy Chicago weather forecasts.  Come ON sunshine!

Bellagio on HandsAccording to Jamberry, “This month’s Sisters’ Style lets you indulge your wanderlust without having to renew your passport! With lush hues of green and blue on a clean white background, ‘Bellagio’ can whisk you away to Italy and back in an instant.” For me, it just seems cheerful, fresh, and a GREAT design for shaking away the dark colors of winter!  The white background is really crisp; pairing it with your go-to white shirt would be effortlessly chic!

I love this picture of it “on hands” – see how it really looks like beautiful tile from a Mediterranean sea town?

Bellagio Collage

And if you’re not up for an entire manicure of “Bellagio,” there are some REALLY great solids to pair with it that would be AMAZING paired with Bellagio as an accent.  For example, “Blue Jeans,” “Fountain of Youth, “Sunny Lotus,” or “White Out” would be so pretty with this!

Even Better??  Check out how PERFECT Jamberry’s “Pacific” Lacquer would be with this!  Match made in Jamberry Heaven!

Remember – This style-exclusive is ONLY available from Jamberry through April 30th – then it’s gone FOREVER!  Have a vacation planned to a gorgeous resort?  This is perfect!  It will last you through 2 weeks of surf and sand with NO chips or smudges – no need to spend money on a manicure – save it for the massage!!

Click the name of the design below to access the shop!


White Out

Fountain of Youth 

Sunny Lotus

Blue Jeans

Pacific Nail Lacquer 

2 thoughts on “New Style Exclusive for April – Check out Bellagio!

  1. UGH! You’re killing me. I need more fingers to wear all these Jams on. Guess I’m going to be doing another order before April is over.


    1. I love these – But mostly I love that there are SO many other designs that can “go” with them, so I feel like I can stretch that one sheet out over a TON of different manicures!


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