Spending Time With My Beautiful Grandma

Two weeks ago, we went to visit my parents since my brother and his family would also be there.  My grandma Ruby, 93-years-young, came over that Saturday morning for a little Jamberry manicure session with me.  I was REALLY excited to have the chance just to spend those few minutes with her – kind of like being the eye of the storm in a house full of cousins!   Mostly, it was nice just to do something with her that I’ve never done – and to get to pamper and spoil HER for a change!

Carol's 1st Jamicure
My Mom’s First Jamberry Manicure “Rose-Colored Glasses — She liked it so much that she put it on HER mom’s nails a few months later!

This wasn’t Ruby’s first “Jamicure;” my mom had gone over to Ruby’s house THREE weeks earlier and given Ruby her first Jamicure with “Rose-Colored Glasses,” my mom’s first-ever Jams, too.  When Ruby came over for our manicure session, they still looked perfect!  So that’s a record for my customers – THREE WEEKS and going strong!  And even better – all of her friends in her community were showering her with compliments, and Ruby was preening.  Lesson learned:  No matter the age, when someone looks beautiful, happy, or is just an amazing person, give compliments!!

I love this picture – When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought this was my own mom’s hand. But when I saw the larger size and realized it was my grandmother’s, I got a huge warm and fuzzy family feeling.

For her second try at Jams, Grandma Ruby wanted something a subtle when she came over for me to do her nails.  She picked out “Daydream” from the new catalog – the perfect shell-pink that just goes with everything!  I really loved having those few minutes to just sit and chat one-on-one and get to do something very feminine and fashionably frivolous with Ruby.  She was a VERY hard-working farmer’s wife for the majority of her life, and polished nails were something that I can never remember seeing on her.   So to get to be the one giving her a little something beautiful to smile about every day was truly priceless for me.

TWO weeks later and Grandma Ruby’s Jams are looking great!!

Now – Flash-forward two full weeks.  We went BACK to my parents house for a visit (my kids really can’t get enough grandparent attention, it seems.)  Grandma Ruby came over to help us celebrate Amelia for an early birthday dinner.  The Jams?  Going strong!  She has one finger (the index finger on her left-hand) that she nearly LOST entirely when she was younger, and even on that nail with it’s imperfections, the Jamberry wrap made it look just as pretty and healthy as the rest.  Now, my beautiful and vivacious Grandma Ruby is now my best testimonial.  Her first two manicures with Jamberry wraps have lasted her 5 weeks altogether.  Fantastic!   Also – this just goes to show you – Jamberry truly does have something for EVERYONE.  Rainbows for my four-year-old, florals for me, Rose-Colored Glasses and Marsala Blooms for my mom (her favorites), and Daydream for my grandmother.

Jenne's Day Dream Andrew's Wedding
The Family that Jams Together, Stays Together!

And, funnily enough, my cousin was getting married that day in Key West (we FaceTimed the wedding so Grandma Ruby could watch.  Priceless!!).  Hundreds of miles away, his sister, my cousin Jenne, had chosen to wear Daydream as well.  Only she was without ANY kind of heat source for the Jams except for the stove top in their hotel!!  But as she said, “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”  Two ladies in the family, the exact same choice for nails, hundreds of miles away on the exact same day.   The Jamberry-DNA is strong in our family 🙂

Want to try out “Daydream” for yourself?  This neutral shell-pink is a perfect way to dip your digits into the Jam-Pool!

Check out Daydream here!

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