Glitter Polish Removal – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

One of the BIGGEST things that I like about Jamberry Nails are the sparkle wraps.  I LOVE me some glitter, especially glitter polish.  But have you ever tried getting that junk off of your hands??  It’s a battle royale, my friends.  It takes forever, you waste a ton of polish remover, and your bathroom smells like a chem lab for days.

Men will Never know Glitter polish Removing Glitter Polish

 Yup.  And then?  You’re constantly finding glitter all over yourself.  Because we all want to show up for work or preschool pick-up looking like we just got back from a rave.  But with Jamberry’s sparkle designs, you get all of the shimmer and FAB.U.LOUS. glitter effect, but they come off just the same as your other wraps – soak in oil or polish remover, swipe ’em off, repeat.  Done.

To me, this is one more reason to STOCK UP on both Love Spell and Shamrockin’ – my two favorites from the Fashionably Festive line that will be DISAPPEARING on April 15th!  ACK!  Just check out the GlitteryGlamness of it all!

love spellShamrockin Comparison

You can find all of the “Sparkle” finish wraps HERE.  

You can find the soon-to-be-gone-forever Jam-Love of my life HERE! 

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