April’s Stylebox – HOT TO TROT!

Check out that HAUTE pink!!
Check out that HAUTE pink!!

From Jamberry’s Press Release for the April Stylebox:

“Though April might bring showers, it also brings two exclusive StyleBox products from Jamberry! This month’s exclusive wrap features a combination of colors centered around potent pink. Like walking through a beaded curtain, the flowing shapes seem to reach out into the third dimension.

Our lacquer is just about the hottest pink there is, inspiring the name of this month’s Hot to Trot theme. Pairing perfectly with our exclusive wrap, this lacquer is bright and demands to be noticed.

And for the first time ever, we’re introducing nail art stencils to an extra element to your already-dazzling manicure.”

Confession time.  When I first joined Jamberry as a consultant, I wasn’t super “wowed” by the Stylebox.  Those days are OVER.  Starting with Jamberry’s surprise lipstick, then the switch to including ONLY exclusive designs for subscribers, I’ve been extremely impressed.  Plus, I love the fact that I automatically get a $5 savings on the value of the product, not to mention all of the extras that are included every. single. month.

April Stylebox in BOxAnd this month’s comes with these cute little nail art stencils, too!  I can see my little kiddo going CRAZY for those little hearts!  Are you a Pinterest nail-art image junkie??  This will help you get that look “in real life” without being featured on FailBlog or Pinterest Fails (PS – CHECK THOSE SITES OUT.  Hilarious. Almost as good as the autocorrect fails!)

I just feel like Jamberry has really upped their game in the subscription-service area.  Especially when you factor in the free shipping for Stylebox subscribers.  It’s a real deal just based on their product prices, but then when you add in all of the exclusive designs and styling suggestions, I’m on board.  Check out this month’s styling tips here!

And let’s just ignore that if I tried to walk in those platform sandals I’d be FLAT on my FANNY in about five seconds.

Want more information on Stylebox?  Find it here!!  

Want THIS MONTH’S designs??  You have to sign up BY THE 15th to get the current month.  Otherwise, your subscription will start with the next month!

PS – Don’t forget to sign up for the Newsletter!  Newsletter subscribers get special promos, sneak peeks, and freebie offers!

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