Extra Exclusives for April!

Jamberry has a really great promotion going for April – Join in April and you have the chance to earn extra exclusive JamSWAG, plus double trip-points for the Maui trip!!! 

Join in AprilIf you’ve been on the fence, now’s your time!  I originally signed up *just* for the discount, but I’ve stayed on after seeing how amazing the team of people that I’m with truly is.  I love seeing my teammates have huge success, establish an identity for themselves, and blossom into professional and confident women! If I had known about all of the extra “perks” – the friendships to be made, the confidence to gain, and the stress-relief of having a little pocket change for Target trips, I’d have signed up a year ago!!

There’s a ton of information on the new website – you can find it by clicking here!! 

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