Jamberry Fundraiser – All April Commissions Donated to Wheaton Montessori School!

A few of my favorite things are colliding this month:  my daughter, Jamberry, and Wheaton Montessori school.

This time of year, our little school, filled with amazing kids, holds an auction to help raise funds for school supplies, field trips, extra activities, and tuition help for underprivileged kids.  The school was founded by two sisters just a few years ago; their retired parents are now the greeters and work in the office.  It’s so nice knowing that my little kiddo has been taken in by a FAMILY to be nurtured, cared for, and guided during the day!

IMG_7874 IMG_7876

This little school has absolutely changed my little girl’s outlook, even at such a young age.  The diversity of the classroom has expanded her horizons and excitement about other cultures, she has a curiosity for the world around her that I envy, and the entire school is such an emotional support system not just for her, but for my entire family.  In short, we love our little school and want to help in any way that we can!

So for the month of April, my entire commission will be donated to the Wheaton Montessori School’s annual auction fund.  Please consider ordering under the party “Amelia’s School Fundraiser” on my site – you’ll get some great JamSwag, and Amelia’s school will get a little bit of a boost! 

Ruby Rose -4And – For every Buy-Three-Get-One-Free order placed, you’ll earn an entry into a raffle for a FREE Mothers’ Day Gift Box!  (A $45 retail value – wraps and lacquer shown at left.)

Click HERE to shop the fundraiser and get your raffle entries!!  Thank you so much!! 

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