Enjoy Today!

Enjoy TodayPlain and simple – I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!  I’m not always Suzie McSunshine like I appear to be here; sometimes I need an extra reminder to have a positive outlook.  Luckily, my husband has an extremely consistent “benevolent universe” philosophy, so he helps keep me focused on the good stuff.

So today – I’m trying to do just that!  I helped Amelia’s teacher with their class auction project (a super sweet miniature Enchanted Garden), Henry’s had some good lines already today, and my hubs promised Amelia a chance to roast marshmallows tonight (YAAAAAAAAS!!).   Small stuff, but it’s laying the foundation for my Friday.  (I’m focusing on that instead of the “whomp whomp” moments – like Amelia telling me that I’d be a “really great grandma.”  Uh…thanks?)

And if you haven’t yet, don’t forget to enter to win the giveaway posted yesterday!  There’s a full-sheet of Jamberry Nails up for grabs!  Check it out HERE! 

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