Jams vs. MAJOR Lawn Clean-Up – Including a Wood Chipper!

Jams Vs ChipperHow do Jamberry Nails hold up to serious lawn clean-up – including tree-trimming and using a wood chipper, you ask?

Oh, you didn’t ask?  But now you’re curious, right?

Almost exactly one year ago, we moved into our house – and have been tackling projects one-by-one to make it our own.  The yard has been a HUGE project.  The last few families to live in the house either didn’t care about it and left it to go wild, or added just about every possible plant you could imagine – letting it go wild.

Little-by-little we’re slowly taking it back and “taming it.”  It’s an ENORMOUS yard, which we’re really happy about given that our kids need every chance they can get to run around like crazed hyenas.  But – every single border of it is basically a forest of Buckthorn trees.  They’re pretty, but terrible for kids to crash into – and they propagate like the Jolie-Pitt family.  (This is the most invasive tree EVER** – every day I feel like I’m pulling 5 or six new ones from every square foot of our yard. **Probably not true at all.)

Tackling the Buckthorns – with no gloves!

Buck Thorn TreesSo this weekend, my husband and I decided to tackle at least ONE border of the yard.  This is what we were up against – tree-height bramble of thorns, branches, and scratchy limbs.  (Side note – my really fabulous, patient, loving, and not-at-all-bitter-that-I-started-this-project husband is STILL picking thorns out of his hands.  And he was actually wearing gloves!)

On Friday, I wanted a new manicure, so I put on the March Stylebox wraps – the “March Matteness” floral chevron design.  CUTE.  And then I woke up on Saturday just knowing that *that* was the day we reclaimed huge portions of our yard.

For the first day, I just used a pair of garden loppers and trimmed smaller branches.  But… I totally forgot to wear gloves, so I was ripping these branches out and dragging them bare-handed to a big pile.  Not fun.  When I got sick of that, I started pulling up the weed-trees instead (SO satisfying.  Die, thorns, die!).  Again, forgot my gloves.  At this point I had the hands of Tom Hanks from Castaway.  Scraped up, caked with dirt, looking like they’d never seen a bar of soap.

At the end of the day, we had some major piles that needed to be taken care of, so we don’t get large animals making burrows in our yard.  I SCRUBBED my hands with my trusty scrubbing brush that has never really been used for dishes to clean off the mud and muck.  A liberal dose of Neosporin, then on to the next day.

Day Two: In which Jamberry Nails stand up to a Wood Chipper better than that dude in “Fargo”

So…. Jeff bought a wood chipper.  I LOVE it.  (I never thought I’d write those two sentences in my life.)  It vacuums leaves, shreds smaller twigs and sticks, and chips up small branches and sticks through a feeder.  (Instant mulch! Crazy Garden Lady is happy!) Basically, there’s a little chute that you shove the branches in, and they come out looking like gerbil bedding.  Fabuloso.

One problem – this thing is SERIOUS work.  Sweaty, hot, back-breaking, skin-scraping work. I remembered to wear my gloves, but even with them, the thorns from the Buckthorn branches were killer.  Like I said, Jeff is still picking thorns and splinters out of his palms.  (Love you, buddy!).

We worked almost all day on Saturday and until the rain started yesterday – another 5 or 6 hours of work.  The worst part – we’re not even half-way done with the ONE side of the yard we had wanted to tackle in a day.  So…. I know what we’re doing every weekend in May!  But the Jams… LIKE A BOSS.  There are a few spots at the tips that are a little worn where they got scraped by the thorns or rocks, but for the most part?  Good to go! If you aren’t studying them, you’d never know!  MUCH better than any polish or lacquer manicure after a weekend of yard work! My cuticles need some serious TLC now from getting scratched by the thorny branches, but my nails are still looking great!

March Matteness after Yard Work
Left: My hands and my Jams after a few days of HARD yard clean-up! Right: Close-up to show near-perfect Jams, despite mangled cuticles and scratches from the Buckthorn branches!

Interested in learning more?  Check out the entire line of designs here! 

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