Blog Interrupted – Bibliophile Problems

This Blog Won’t Write Itself

Hey Jam Fans!  I signed my little guy up for childcare at the gym today thinking that I’d head up to the lounge area and write a super amazing post about Jamberry Nails and it would totally change your life forever.  But instead…

Reading.  Because “Outlander.”

GOOD GRAVY.  Stop what you’re doing and go check out the first one from the library, download it on your Kindle, whatever.  DO IT.  And you might as well go ahead and get the rest of the series, too.

outlander-seriesI’m truly convinced that I have given myself a cold from staying up all night reading, just to know what happens next.  And extra bonus?  You start talking with a Scottish accent.  ALL THE TIME.

I Read Past my Bedtime11125495_10204374977403724_2059378528_n

So, no Jamberry news today, other than that I’m still happy with the March Matteness Jams that withstood the lawn work over the weekend.  They look nice as they’re turning the pages of “The Fiery Cross.”   And let’s face it, even if they looked like I’d shoved them in the garbage disposal, I’d still be wearing them.  Because OUTLANDER. 

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