Tuesdays are for Camping

I have never liked Tuesdays.  Mondays aren’t that bad for me – I can get motivated and excited about the week ahead.  Wednesday – half-way done with the week.  Thursdays – it’s almost Friday and the whole world posts #tbt pics.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday – no problems there.  But Tuesdays – it kind of sinks in just how far from Friday you really are.

Tuesdays are for Camping – Or Just Pretending You’re Camping.

This morning, my kiddos woke up – and immediately decided to go back to bed.  Even kids get the “Tuesdays?  No good.” situation.   Amelia took charge and in about 10 minutes, they had set up “camp cots” (couch cushions) and sleeping bags were installed and inhabited.  Amelia: “I think we really just need to go camping today.”

Kids CampingThis absolutely reminded me of the forts and tents we made out of sheets, spreading couch cushions on the floor and pretending that the floor was lava, and just filling days with pretending pretty extravagant adventures.  Made my Tuesday.  I think we’ll try and go viral with the idea  – anyone have a catchy “Let’s all go pretend camping on Tuesdays instead of being grumpy” catch prase?  Yeah, me neither.

While I was catching up on dishes and some Jamberry business, my kids were telling “ghost stories” (with no ghosts, because they’re too “scair-wy”), found a bear in a cave, and counted “consultations” (constellations), all from the comfort of the couch cushions.  And all before 8am.   Big Tuesday around here, folks!

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