Looking to Try Something New

The last few FB Jamberry parties that I ran, I sort of felt like I was in a rut.  I just wasn’t doing as good of a job as I should have at having FUN and making it fun for my hostesses!

I Know I Need Try Something New !

But really - your PJs don't even have to be cute like this.
But really – your PJs don’t even have to be cute like this.

The best thing about online parties is that you’re basically just sitting on Facebook with your friends while I show you pretty nails and try and get the hostess some freebies.  And – it works!  No one has to get out of the yoga pants, no one has to clean their bathroom for guests, and you can watch “Outlander” or “The Walking Dead” AT THE SAME TIME.  Boom.

But it REALLY works when the hostess is excited, having fun, and her friends can feel the excitement as well!  And I just didn’t do as great of a job in my last few parties getting the hostess excited, having fun, and feeling like she was there for something other than an infomercial.

Let’s face it, the main reasons people host direct sales parties are:

1. You owe the consultant a favor;

2. You’re related to the consultant; or

3. You love the product and want to get some for free. 

Let’s talk about that third reason there, shall we?

Time to Try Something New – But I Still Need YOU! 

Pretty much, if you’re on this page, you love yourself some Jamberry Nails.  You’re probably not here for the off-chance that I post a picture of my gorgeous kids (except you, Mom!  Hi!) Don’t worry – I get it. 🙂

I THINK I’ve come up with something that will make it a bit more fun for hostesses, but I need someone to be “tester!”

Here’s the idea:  Ahead of your party, I would send you this pic:

Hostess Bingo

For every row of 4 that you can check off before and during your party, you get a prize… and the prizes increase each time you add a “Four-in-a-Row”.  All of these goodies would be IN ADDITION to the amazeballs stuff that you’d get from Jamberry through the hostess rewards.  If you cover the whole square?  I’ll be your best friend. (Sort of kidding. You’d also get some Jamberry stuff.)  It gives you ideas for what to do to have a great party, little things to try so you’re still feeling like you’re hosting instead of watching QVC via Facebook, and you get to earn some good JamSwag.

Want to be the first to help me try out something new? 

If you ‘d like to help me try it out for the first time, I’ll send you a bunch of freebies, extra JamSwag, and samples to hand out to your friends to help build up the hype for your party!  Want in on the action?  Just send me an e-mail at suzanna.mayhugh@gmail.com and we’ll work out a date that works for you!

Whaddaya think, sound good??

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