Shiny Metallic Matte. Wait. What?

Jamberry’s May Stylebox introduces a brand-new “finish” to their huge beauty arsenal – and it’s only for Stylebox subscribers!

It’s Metallic.  It’s Matte.  Wait. What?

"This Ore That" by Jamberry - Subscribe by May 15th!
“This Ore That” by Jamberry – Subscribe by May 15th!

The May Stylebox arrived in my mailbox today.  Happy dance!!  (Along with yet another XFinity promo.  Those people are RELENTLESS, amiright?)  I love the subscription service – worth it just for the happy mail day on a monthly basis 🙂

The design this month introduces a brand new “finish” for Jamberry – adding it to the other options of glossy, matte, metallic/glimmer, sparkle, and clear.  It truly is a combination of metallic and matte.  The shine is a bit more subtle than the full-on metallic or glimmer wraps, but it absolutely shows through.  And depending on the angle of the light, it looks like a totally different design/color!   Really fun – especially for an accent or two in an otherwise-neutral manicure!  Also, polka dots.  I love me some polka dots!

Like the Shiny/Metallic/Matte Look?  Just want in on the fun??

The cut-off for this month’s design is coming up soon (as in a matter of DAYS, people!).  If you’re interested (and who wouldn’t be?? It’s a bargain, it’s an exclusive product, AND it’s a product premiere!), subscribe by the 15th for *these* designs!

Click HERE to find out more about the subscription, what you’re guaranteed to get, and the FREE shipping perks!

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