May Flowers

The Sisters’ Style Exclusive for this month didn’t leave me “wowed” – until I saw THIS combo using May Flowers!

May Flowers – the May Style Exclusive

This month’s Sister’s Style Exclusive is one of Jamberry’s clear designs, meaning you can wear it on its own, layered over a lacquer, or layered over another wrap.  I really hadn’t seen a combo that made me think, “Gotta have it!” until I saw THIS picture posted on Facebook:

May Flowers over Country Club

Okay – let’s just agree – that’s CUTE.  This genius of a JamFan layered “May Flowers” over “Country Club” – and it looks fantastic!   As soon as this girl posted her picture, it was as if the world of Jamberry collectively did a face-palm and said, “OF COURSE!!”  Because all of a sudden, my newsfeed was flooded:

May Flowers Over Country ClubSee?  Cute!  May Flowers on it’s own is a little much for me – but layered on “Country Club,” it looks fresh and a lot more delicate! And – it absolutely reminds me of all of those effortlessly chic French boat neck shirts that I would love to be effortlessly chic in.  But instead I end up looking like a jailbird in ballet flats.  *Le Sigh.*

Want to try the May Flowers combo for yourself?

Here’s the link to May Flowers!

Here’s the link to Country Club! 

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