Baseball Manicures – Or – How to Look Cute at the Cardinals’ Games

My husband (who reads the blog so he doesn’t get in trouble for being unsupportive – Hi!) is a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan.  He grew up going to the games at the old Busch Stadium and introduced me to the FUN of baseball.  I grew up… NOT a fan of baseball.  I thought it was slow, boring, hot, and just a filler on TV.

Busch Stadium - Photo by Matt Pasant, www.
Busch Stadium – Photo by Matt Pasant, www.

But then – he introduced me to the game – and the St. Louis Cardinals.

The StL fans are amazing – they legit love the game of baseball and will cheer for a great play – no matter the team the made it.  They’re actually FANS – fair and foul-weather.  They talk about the strategy of the game, the history of the ballpark, and they know the standings, history, and rivalries.  But they’re NICE about it all.  Plus – Busch Stadium has REALLY good hot dogs.   Deal-breaker for baseball, people.  DEAL. BREAKER.

Fast forward to 13-ish years later, and this popped up in my Pinterest feed: Baseball Manicure

Perfect!  And when you’re sweltering in the Midwest heat (or enjoying the game from your air-conditioned living room), Jams won’t wilt, run like sweaty mascara tracks, fall flat.  Because they’re Jams, and they’re awesome.

Not a Cardinals Fan?  Cubbies, BoSox, Nationals Fans – don’t fret! 

We live in the Chicago area now, where “Cardinals” is kind of a dirty word.  So if you’re here from Chi-town, Boston, or D.C., just pretend this red-white-and-blue fabulousness is cheering on your own Boys of Summer.

Baseballs!  Get your Baseballs right here!! 

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