When asked, “What do you DO?”

As a stay-at-home-mom, I get asked quite a bit, “What do you do all day?”  Basically, I sit around on my fanny reading books while the fairies take care of cleaning my home.


We won’t even go there with this post.  But I ALSO get asked quite a bit as far as Jamberry is concerned.  My new favorite response:

Help feel pretty - college

So true.  Little tiny things can make us feel pretty – inside and out.  Having your hair done?  Makes you feel pretty on the outside, “with it” on the inside.  Same as a new outfit, a pair of trendy shoes, etc.  They all seem like superficial things, but they can also be huge confidence boosters.  I know when I take the extra minute to get out of my Mom-Uniform (yoga pants, flip flops, shirt one step above a tee…), I feel like the whole day is off to a good start. (My hubs says the same for just putting shoes on in the house.  That you’ll feel like you can get up and do “stuff.”)

Having my nails done does *that* for me – I feel a little more put together, I feel a little better about my appearance, and I feel like I made an effort for myself.  It’s small.  It’s tiny.  But it puts a smile on my face.

My life as a Stay-at-Home-Mom is equal parts fulfilling and frustrating.  On the same day that one kiddo learns to read, the other may, literally, bite me.   Or the little guy might have a great nap and wake up cuddly, while the big kiddo just wants to whine.  All. Day.  I’ve learned from my mom that I really do need to stop and focus on the good stuff – no matter how small!

It brings Glamour

And as to why Jamberry instead of a salon?  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Interested?  Our Sneak Peek in the team is coming up.  Want to have nice nails, help pay for some “extras”, and have fun earning some side money?  Come at me, bro!

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