June Stylebox – Now with 100% more Metallic Tattoos!

All over fashion mags, in stores, even on Zulily this Spring, I’m seeing Metallic temporary tattoos and “temporary jewelry” – like gorgeous glimmery-glittery temporary tattoos for grown ups.  I can’t believe I wrote that sentence.   But I’m excited about it!

Tell me there’s glimmer and I’m sold.

Jamberry has absolutely “brought home the GOLD” with this month’s Stylebox.  (Wait for it – I was just punny….) Along with the exclusive sheets of Jamberry wraps, they’re also tucking in a Stylebox exclusive set of Metallic tattoos!  Girly-girl swoon.

Just like past months’ Stylebox designs, you can only get it by subscribing!

Jamberry has changed their approach to Stylebox this year, making it so that the subscription service is extra special for subscribers.  You can’t get the designs anywhere else in the catalog and they’ve been offering some really fab sneak peeks at new products – and giving some major freebies like this month!

What do YOU think??  I LOVE the golden shimmer – it’s going to be so fun to play around with once my sear-your-eyes-paleness gets a little less….harsh.

Want to subscribe?  Find out more about it HERE! 

2 thoughts on “June Stylebox – Now with 100% more Metallic Tattoos!

    1. I do too!! I’m a sucker for ANYTHING that’s shiny… Plus, I love the look of jewelry, but I get annoyed by it so fast. It will be fun to get to try the look out and see how it lasts!


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