Start Spreading the News….

Right up above the title of this post, there’s a little button that says, “Newsletter.”  It’s about to open up a world filled with Jamberry happiness for you.  Trust me.

Newsletter Subscribers Get Extra Perks

VIP Wristband
Apparently this wristband is a real thing. (Available at, where I found the image. All I know, folks.)

I love getting to know the people that order from me.  Jamberry has been such a fun way for me to meet people outside of my stay-at-home-mom universe.  I LOVE following the amazing Sarah’s modeling career, catching up with Steph and her worldly travels, seeing all of the hilarious things that customers’ kiddos say.  As a “thanks” for ordering with me and supporting my business, as well as bringing huge smiles to my face on a daily basis, I like to offer these “VIPs” a little extra!  Sometimes it’s an extra freebie for ordering, product sneak peeks, or discounts just for subscribers.

Want in on the fun?  Subscribe – and get maybe an extra two emails a month…

Part of the perk of signing up for a newsletter written by a busy mom.  You’re basically guaranteed not to get spammed.  I’m lucky to get two out per month (one at the beginning to announce specials and new designs, one mid-month with tips, tricks, and info).  So it’s a win-win.

How do you sign up?

Here.  The happiness starts here. 

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