Jamberry Team Opportunity Event

My amazing team is having an opportunity event  – want to join the fun?

My team, the “Sparkle Sistas”, is having an opportunity event/sneak peek this week into our workings “behind the scenes.”

Op Event Be You Be BeautifulThis is an AMAZING time to check out the opportunity that Jamberry offers.  Just look at the timeline for your first few months:

  • August: Going, Going, Gone designs announced
    • The product release of the TruShine Gel Manicure System
    • Stylebox changes – stay tuned!
    • The “Celebration Box” – stay tuned!
  • November:
    • Black Friday – remember last year when Jamberry broke the internet??
  • December:
    • Holiday packages
    • New Year’s Eve manis to steal the show!

At the opportunity event, our team will go over all of your questions, let you know why we all joined and what’s in it for YOU, show you the support you’ll get, and help you kick your chipped polish to the curb while making some fab money to help your budget!

Interested?  Shoot me an e-mail at suzanna.mayhugh@gmail.com and I’ll get you added to the group!  This is THE best time of the year to take a look into what Jamberry can offer YOU.  It’s been an empowering and FUN challenge for me – I’d LOVE to be able to help someone else have the same amazing experience!

Identity With Jamberry

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