Jamberry’s *NEW* TruShine Gel Manicure System

I just got back from Jamberry’s International Conference, where we were treated to some MAJOR sneak peeks at products to come!  The BIGGEST reveal??  Jamberry’s very own line of LED-cured gel polish!  We got to sample some of the new colors to be offered (Sparkles, too!  Whoop!) along with the gel application process.  Plus… everyone at conference was able to purchase a kit to try out before it’s released in September.  It totally felt like (what I imagine) being at Oprah’s “My Favorite Things” show.  “You get a gel kit!  You get a gel kit!  Everyone gets a gel kit!”


Trying Jamberry’s TruShine Gel for the First Time

My initial thoughts?  REALLY like it.  Glossy, glossy, glossy!  My only complaint – I have to get used to painting my nails again because I’m so used to just wearing the Jamberry wraps!  But that’s on me – not the product!  Overall, I love the results of my first attempt.

TruShineGel First AttemptHere’s the kicker – you can layer it on top of or under your wraps as well.  I layered it OVER the Mother’s Day exclusive in my first go-round.  I love the glossy look, the thickness of the gel, and the extra durability above-and-beyond that of the wrap.   I really like that the light is LED rather than UV and has an auto-timer.  Plus, the kit has some great value – you get manicure tools, soak-off gel remover pads, cuticle oil (total necessity when you have gel nails!), etc.  I haven’t used the remover pads yet, so I can’t weigh in on those!

Jamberry's new TruShine Gel Layered OVER a Jamberry nail wrap.  Plus - my birthday present from Home Office!  Hooray!
Jamberry’s new TruShine Gel Layered OVER a Jamberry nail wrap.
Plus – my birthday present from Home Office! Hooray!

TruShine Gel - Conference ColorI know my pics are pretty crummy (I was too excited about trying it out for the first time!).  Here’s another consultant’s first attempt – she’s obviously been “polishing” up her skills.  See what I did there?

Can’t wait to order?  Pre-order with me now and get FREE shipping!  E-mail me at suzanna.mayhugh@gmail.com and I’ll send you the details!

12 thoughts on “Jamberry’s *NEW* TruShine Gel Manicure System

  1. How hard does this system leave your nails?? As is you had a gel set on?

    I have really thin nails and am hoping this gives me a solution!


    1. Hi Liz! It was pretty strong – the gel goes on pretty thickly and cures to a hard shell. I did a ton of gardening and weeding without a single snag, chip, or break. Much stronger than just the wraps, and even better than when I wear a “strengthening” base coat. So far I’ve like it, but I’m curious as to how my nails will be after I remove it. I had gels in a salon once that ruined my nails for months – Jamberry’s removal process seems so much gentler, but I haven’t tried it yet!!


    1. Hi Mary! I didn’t get a picture when I was done, but they actually came out just about perfectly. I got impatient with one nail and started picking at it, but the others were all easy and no damage. It really was a “soak off” removal – the gel just flaked off after the 10-minute soak. I slathered them with cuticle oil and moisturizer after soaking them (acetone is not my friend!) and that made a huge difference I think.


    1. Hey there! I’ve been really happy with it. Just some more info – you REALLY do have to shake/roll the bottles before you apply every time to get a great consistency. I’ve been wearing “Party Dress” for about a week now and I LOVE the color – so much better than the catalog shows. Same with “Toasted” – it’s a really pretty champagne/gold. The removal – the pads worked much better the second time – the gel actually just wiped off completely when I was removing the packet. Plus, they smell like the beach 🙂


    1. I have 🙂 I’ve used cotton balls soaked in acetone – then wrap them in foil and soak. Works quickly and it still flakes off. Doesn’t smell as nice as the remover packets, but it’s an easy (and cheaper!) way to go.


    1. Hey there! This is the exclusive “Be You” from the Jamberry Conference this summer. You could get the same look with either “Sweet Sangria” or “Haute Pink” with the gel top coats. Or Fierce Fuchsia” wraps layered under the gel – or solo!


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