Update!   Jamberry TruShine trial!

It’s been FOREVER since I went to the salon for a manicure.   I just hated the thought of forking over a ton of cash, knowing that it would be ruined within a day or two.  I’m hard on my nails, but my kids are even harder on them!  Picking apart stuck Legos, prying hair out of zippers, and all of the hand washing that MomLife involves  just makes a salon mani wasteful around here.

So I really wasn’t expecting to get more than a day or so out of my TruShine trial. 

On Monday (it’s Thursday as I’m typing) I tried out the advanced release of TruShine, Jamberry’s gel manicure kit that will be released nationwide this Fall. (Want a reminder??? Sign up for the newsletter!)  Easy application, at my house, no babysitter fees, and lawd knows I’m not shelling out for a tip. All pluses in the plus column.

Here’s the first attempt, fresh out of the LED light:

 Today I put them to the test.  I pulled weeds for two hours.  I set up an A-Frame for our zucchini plants.  I dragged around hoses and hooked up rusty old sprinklers.  I played with my kids, tapped my fingertips on the counter repeatedly, and helped my daughter with countless knots in doll hair.

Side note – what the WHAT was I thinking when I bought dolls with hair for my kid??   I need to stick to the molded plastic stuff.  Or Ariel and Cinderella just need to rock a Pixie cut from now on.

After all that, they’re still perfect.  Like BUTTAH.  

I’m impressed.  I expected to have chips or dents and be able to write a post reviewing the removal pads and process.  Not happening.   But we have another tree to remove soon, so we’ll see!

Remember – if you want a reminder when the TruShine System is released to the public, sign up for the newsletter!   You’ll know as soon as it goes “live”!

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