Going, Going, Gone Forever!

Act Fast to Snap Up These Retiring Designs – Before They Enter “THE JAMBERRY VAULT*”

Twice a year, there’s a MAD dash for retiring wrap designs and lacquer sets when Jamberry gets ready to launch a new catalog.  The “Going, Going, Gone” months are always hectic, fun, and a scramble to get orders in before faves are gone forever. I’ll be honest – last Spring I was a little underwhelmed.  Most of them I thought, “Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!”   But this Fall, Jamberry is discontinuing some of my absolute favorites – and TOP sellers!  Take a look at these Going, Going, Gone designs – is your favorite on the list??

Going Going GOne COllage

Bling Bling, Haute Pink, Kiss Me Ombre, and my all-time favorite metallic Gold Fishnet are all getting retired.  Right there is my first Buy-Three-Get-One-Free order for the GGG month.  But then I saw Pixie, Blue Jeans, and Boysenberry Chevron.  COME ON!  This isn’t like last time when I really didn’t care that much for the retiring designs.  This time they’re cutting some gorgeous stuff from the catalog!! Just take my money, intarwebs.

Is your favorite on the least of those being retired??  If so, don’t miss out – the website will ONLY have these designs available until the end of August.  So act fast!  You can find them all here!

*The Jamberry Vault doesn’t actually exist.  But they won’t be available ever again!

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