Time to Kiss “Kiss Me Ombre” Goodbye – It’s Going, Going, GONE.

Your next peek at this August’s “Going, Going, Gone” selection from Jamberry Nails – Kiss Me Ombre, Orchid Ombre, and Desert at Dusk.

These feminine and fun designs from Jamberry’s Spring/Summer catalog will only be available until August 31st!

August GGG CollageLike I said, kiss ’em goodbye.  Or make them a GOOD BUY.  See what I did there?  These feminine designs are SO pretty in person – even more so than the pictures would lead you to believe! All three are a great way to dip your toes (or fingertips) into the JamPool.  Not super crazy, but still fun enough to know that you’re trying something new!

Which one of these are you sorry to see go?   Need another look?  BOTH of these designs are retiring – this is “Kiss Me Ombre” with “Touch of Lace.”  You can find both HERE! 

Touch of Lace over Kiss me Ombre

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