Jamberry’s TruShine Gel Enamel Removal – A review!

I just removed my first manicure that I’d done with Jamberry’s soon-to-be-released TruShine gel polish. For the most part, I was really happy with the results.  It definitely required some patience, which I seriously lack.  But the result of waiting patiently for the removal packets to do their magic is worth it.  You end up with clean, DAMAGE-FREE nails with no scraping involved.

Everything You Need Comes in the Kit

Removal - Removal Packet Packeging
“Say hello” to Jamberry Gel Enamel Remover Packets. Say “goodbye” to chiseling gel polish off your nails.

The TruShine Gel Enamel Kit actually comes with 50 remover packets, orange sticks, and alcohol wipes.  All you need on top of that is patience!


First, check out the detailed instructions on the back of the packaging:

Removal - Instructions

You’ll need one packet for each finger.  I didn’t remove the wrap/gel combo on my thumbs, so you’ll see in the pics my pretty Mother’s Day Rose wraps!

Removal - Jamberry Gel Removal Packets
Though they be but little, they be fierce….

The next step – don’t get in a hurry!  You’ll need to open these by tearing across the dotted line.  But DON’T remove the acetone-soaked pad inside.  The magic of these is that the packet is a self-contained removal kit.  Stay with me. Removal - Tear Open Package

I went ahead and opened all of the packets at once.  If you try to do them one-at-a-time, you’ll end up like this:
Edward ScissorhandsNot cool.  Impossible to do the rest of your nails if you start shoving your digits in as you go.

Here’s the genius of the removal packets.  On the back side, there’s a strip of plastic that you’ll peel off, exposing a strip of sticky tape.  Peel off the plastic strip.  (You have to pull from the top-down.  I’m the idiot that spent 10 minutes trying before I figured it out.  All in the name of science, folks.)

See that little strip of plastic?  Below lies the genius of these little gifts.
See that little strip of plastic? Below lies the genius of these little gifts.

After you expose the tape, you’re ready to start the actual removal magic.  Place your finger inside the packet, with the acetone-soaked pad on TOP of the gel.  Make sure that it has good contact with your nail and the gel!  Now – fold the excess on the sides around and secure it by pressing against the tape.  Like you’re making a snuggly little acetone-soaked sleeping bag for that nail.  Cozy, eh?

Wrap it up! Make sure the pad inside the packet is touching your nail and the gel!
Wrap it up! Make sure the pad inside the packet is touching your nail and the gel!

Repeat for each finger.  But you knew that, right?

Removal - Repeat for all Fingers

Then WAIT.  For 10 minutes.  Don’t get in a rush.  You really do need that full 10 minutes of soaking to make the removal process easy and gentle.  I had two nails that I DIDN’T wait the full amount (like I said, patience is not my strong suit) and I ended up going back through the process AGAIN with those so I wasn’t forcing/peeling/chipping anything.  SO WAIT.

Oh – did I mention that the whole thing smells like Banana Boat suncreen?

Removal - Wait 10 Minutes
Important. Don’t do anything else right now. Just wait. Soak up the time spend just sitting there. Enjoy it.

Now comes the amazing part.  I’ve had gel nails done at the salon before and my nails end up looking like they got caught in the garbage disposal afterwards.  So I REALLY did want this to work.  I was thinking that I’d still have to do a bit of scraping and peeling to get my nails totally clean.  Nope.

Lastly, take off the remover packet.  The gel should like kind of gummy, shriveled, or like it’s dissolving.  Take your orange stick (included in the kit) and LIGHTLY flake off the residue:

Removal - Flake off residue with Orange Stick

See those chunks of enamel on my table?  Those just popped right off.  Holla!

But – remember I said that there were a couple of nails that I didn’t wait the whole time I needed to wait? Those two nails were a little tougher, and I could tell that if I forced it that I’d end up with some damage or peeling.  So – I went back through and repeated the process for those two nails.  After a second soaking, all was well in the world. The gel flaked off easily and without hurting my nails.

Lessons Learned:

  • Open the packets all at once.  Otherwise, you’ll never get those things on your fingers without swearing at least 40 times.
  • Make sure that the alcohol pad is FIRMLY and SECURELY placed against your nail.  It has to have contact with the gel enamel to work!
  • Wait the entire time – don’t rush it!
  • Once you start removing the residue with your orange stick, don’t force it.  Take your time and resoak if necessary.  A little extra time spent removing is better than the months it can take to grow out damaged nails!

Overall Impression?

Better than having my nails drilled away at to get any residue off of them.  Faster than I expected.  And a lot less smelly.  (It really does smell like sunscreen!)

The TruShine Gel System will be available starting September 1st from http://www.suzannamayhugh.jamberry.com.  If you’d like to pre-order, just ask me how!

15 thoughts on “Jamberry’s TruShine Gel Enamel Removal – A review!

    1. Hi Heather! The gel lasted about 2 1/2 weeks at the longest so far. And that’s not because it started chipping or lifting – it’s because I got bored and wanted to change the color 🙂 I’ve been hearing from my customers and friends that their first applications are lasting a little over a week, with a few chips where the polish got too close to the cuticle. Their second attempts went a lot faster and have been lasting longer. So I think it’s a bit like the wraps (or anything new). The first time is a little wonky and not quite perfect, but gets better with a bit of practice! Are you normally a gel person?


    1. Hi Teresa!

      I’m glad you have good luck with the Sally Hansen! I haven’t had the same luck with it – I always get chips after just a few days! I love Sally Hansen’s quick-dry stuff for my little girl – She’ll sit still for Jamberry WRAPS, but not lacquer, so the quick-dry from SH is a good option for her.

      I’m sorry to hear that you really don’t like Jamberry – I get it. It’s not for everyone! Just for my own business, would you mind sharing what it was that you really didn’t like? The designs? The application? Or the whole idea of it?

      I really try to be genuine in the way I advertise, market the products, etc., so if there’s an issue that you had, I’d love to be able to warn my customers and help them trouble-shoot.

      Have a good day,


      1. I’m waiting for jamberry to add some good colours before springing for the gel system. It’s too expensive to get colours that I dislike


      2. Hey Alli! If you have a polish, lacquer (or Jamberry wraps) that you like, the TruShine base and top coats can be used on top to make any manicure into a “gel” manicure. You just layer your own polish or lacquer on your nails, then apply the base and top coats on top after it dries. You get about 15 applications per bottle, too!


    2. I have not tried jamberrys, but I use Sally Hansen for $5 you can do all your fingers and toes at least twice.
      And it lasts minimum 2 weeks. I’ve also never had trouble with it damaging my nails. The only time it chipped I’d already used it twice on my fingers and once on toes.. then it sat in the cabinet for several months before I tried it again.


  1. I am a jamberry consultant, wondering if I should buy the trushine system or not, looking at reviews. I would just like to say that even with some of these discouraging comments you are very positive and gracious:)


    1. Hi Colleen!!

      Thanks for checking out the page and for the nice feedback!

      As for the gel system, I actually do really love it, but not for it’s originally-intended purpose! I love layering the gel OVER the Jamberry wraps. I originally “bought into” Jamberry because I’m terrible at painting my own nails, love the funky and fun designs, and I KNOW I don’t have the talent that nail techs and nail artists have to do it myself. But I also don’t have the funds to go to the salon and have those designs hand-painted by those talented people!

      So for me, the wraps make sense – but I want to get EVEN MORE durability and wear from them. By layering the gel on top (the base and top coats), I *easily* get 3+ weeks from a set of Jamberry nails, where before it was around 10-15 days. Plus, I feel like it gives my nails a little extra strength and hardness to get through my daily life.

      I think it’s worth the purchase as a consultant just so that you can give an honest review – if I know that some of my customers really won’t take the time to paint their nails, I know it’s not right for them. But for my customers that like the feel and strength of gel, I like being able to tell them what I thought about it, trouble-shoot from experience, etc.

      XOXO! Suz


  2. I just tried the trushine over wraps. Before using it I was lucky if I could get wraps to last a week, partially because my nails grow fast, partially because despite my trying not to I pick, and partially because I got lifting even with using every method out there. (That’s a lot of paritallys) Obviously the trushine didn’t stop my nail growth… but I’m nearly at the 2 week mark and my wraps are still on and other than growth, they look awesome!

    any thoughts on using this with lacquer. I tried it, but after three days, the lacquer quite literally slid off my finger, I don’t know where it went, maybe in the shower, or when I was putting my coat/jacket on? I did Pacific lacquer, quick dry top coat (thinking maybe this was my problem) and then the base gel coat, cured, top gel coat, cured, wiped off the residue…

    I really do love this system. It makes my nails stronger, and the wraps last longer…


    1. Yay!!! I’m sold on the gel over wraps as well! As for lacquer – I’ve had one success and one total failure 🙂 The success – Pink Lemonade lacquer – then the next DAY, I put the gel on top (base coat, cure; top coat, cure). It lasted without chipping. But honestly, I *also* found out that I’m not a huge fan of “Pink Lemonade” with my skin tone!

      I’m glad you’re having success finally! I have no troubles at all with the matte, glossy, or tints. The thicker sparkle or metallic wraps I always picked at and had lifting, so I LOOOOOVE that I can get the same wear and length now with the gel. Because sparkles.


  3. HI, Suzanna. I LOVE the gel enamel color you are wearing in these pics: pink with sparkles. I can’t seem to find it though. Would you please tell me what the name of that enamel color? Thank you!!


    1. Hi Krista! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond! That color is “Be You;” it was given to Jam consultants that attended the National Conference this past summer. (The theme of the conference was “Be You Be Beautiful.”) It’s not available for purchase, but you can get a pretty similar effect with “Pink Flamingo” gel and one of the glitter top coats!


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