At the recent Jamberry International Conference, we had the privilege of listening to the hilarious, inspiring, and PURPOSEFUL Valorie Burton.  Ms. Burton has written several books, is constantly touring the country giving motivational speeches, and is just down-right gut-busting funny.

Her best seller “Successful Women Think Differently” was the basis for her keynote speech on the first day of JamCon2015.

Successful Women Think Differently – With Purpose.

I was reviewing my notes today from conference to really distill the message for a team meeting later this month.  And I was just as inspired thinking back to her talk as I was sitting in front of her at the convention center.  If you ever have the chance to hear this lady speak.  RUN.  RUN your fanny to wherever she is!

Her speech centered around the themes “Be Better, Not Bitter” “Have Purpose,” and “How is someone’s life better because I’m in it?”

In a nutshell, here’s Valorie’s take on PURPOSE.
Valorie Burton Have Purpose

As I said, these are just my notes from sitting in front of her, listening to her life story and being totally mesmerized.  Are you struggling with any of these ideas?  Let’s chat!

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