Sail Away with Stylebox – Real Life Jams

Interested in Stylebox?

Every month Jamberry releases a video teaser about what’s to come in the Stylebox subscription package.  Sometimes, I just need to see it from someone that’s actually tried it to get excited about it.  This month is one of those months!

I saw the video preview and thought it was CUTE, but I wasn’t so sure whether I’d want to be walking around with a sailboat mani.  But now.  NOW.  Check out this picture posted by a teammate of mine – with flawless application and a great mixed manicure!

August Stylebox
Photo Credit: Jenny Fancher.

What do YOU think?  I’d love to hear it in the comments!

If you LOVE these and just have to have them, time is running OUT!  Stylebox subscriptions for the month cut-off on the 15th – so act fast if you want your subscription to start THIS month! You can find out more info here! 

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