Are you Ready for Fall?

Last weekend we went apple picking with our kids… And by apple picking, I mean paying an extreme amount of money for a tractor ride and about 10 apples.  In my next life I’m coming back as the owner of an apple orchard; those guys have a good thing going!

Hello AutumnAre you Ready for Fall?

I’m still holding out a little bit for a few more weeks of summer, but I’m excited to see the fall through my kiddos’ eyes again!  I LOVE all of the pumpkin carving, apple picking, jumping into the leaves – especially with my little munchkins:)

Next time we go apple picking, we’ll go back to a tried-and-true spot that we really like.  One of our favorite places to go is Garden Patch Farms in Homer – it’s a smaller spot than some of the orchards around our place, much less of a circus, and FABULOUS produce.  Not just apples, they also have the best Concord grapes, tons of vegetables, and a really great storefront.  Definitely worth the trip in the Chicago area!

Are you in the Chicago suburbs?  What’s your favorite spot to go for fall fun??

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