Halloween is for Kids. And Moms that Want to be Kids.

Amelia Glowing Mummies

I love this time of year!  Not just the changing weather, the leaves turning, and the apple-cider-everything, either.  So much of this time of year seems aimed at the young and young-at-heart.  Halloween, pumpkin picking, apple picking, costume parades, etc.

Amelia Mummies 2And now, you can raise your Halloween game with Jamberry’s NEWEST design feat.

Last weekend I was able to go to Jamberry’s “Summit” in Indianapolis.  As a reward for attending, we were given an advance set of their newest product – GLOW-IN-THE-DARK wraps.  The Indianapolis attendees were given a full sheet of “All Wrapped Up” – the cutest mummies your nails have ever worn.  My 5-year-old daughter saw them and I knew immediately what I was doing the next time I had a free ten minutes!  With the adult-size wraps, her manicure took three wraps out of the entire sheet.

And it gets better:

Not just mummies, but “Glowing Ghouls” and “Trick or Treat” are part of the Jamberry Halloween line-up.  The ghosts are really cute – I think I like them better than the mummies.  But who can resist little piggies all dressed up as mummies???

21854975410_2eb913f352_b Glow Wraps

If you’re into Jams for the 5-free aspect, don’t worry.  Jamberry has figured out a way to get these to glow – WITHOUT formaldehyde, a pretty huge accomplishment!

This is the time of year that I turn into *that mom*.  

Henry is planning on being “Captain ‘Merica – Soldier Guy” (his words), which doesn’t give me a lot of leeway in the creativity department.  For the first time since I’ve had kiddos, I bought a Halloween costume.  (It’s CUTE, and I totally get why people buy costumes. I’m not a homemade-or-nothing-snob.)

Shake Your TailfeatherAmelia, on the other hand, is planning on being a Peacock-Princess-Ballerina, which gives me a chance to play with feathers, tutus, sparkles, and give her another Jamicure closer to Halloween.  Because you know that no kiddo of mine is going to be a peacock for Halloween and NOT rock these “Shake Your Tailfeather” Jams!! So be on the lookout for that post in a few weeks!

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