Truth Bomb. I hate one of Jamberry’s Products.

So here’s the truth – even though I’m a consultant with Jamberry and am supposed to be “earning my keep” by sharing the Jam-love, there is ONE thing that a really and truly don’t like.

Design DimensionsTruth Bomb: I DON’T LIKE Jamberry’s….

Design Dimensions.

Not even a little bit. At all.

My daughter loves them.  But she’s 5.  She loves anything that you can attach to your body and make it sparkly.  I’m nervous about the day that she’s old enough to get her ears pierced.  That girl is going to be a walking disco ball.  But I digress.

The rhinestones and studs on nails.  I loved them when I went to my Junior Prom.  In 1998.  I also wore butterfly-shaped clips in my hair and a TON of body glitter to that particular prom.  We all make mistakes.

Photo Found on Pinterest
So this one is actually REALLY cute.  And I wish I had the talent to do that myself.  Photo Found on Pinterest

Now, I have seen a couple of manicures that I thought, “Hey! That’s actually pretty cute!”  Like this one layered over “Amazon” lacquer.

But that person clearly has skillz.  No lacquer on her cuticles, perfect nail shape, each one of those little buggers is *exactly* where it should be.  Even her ring is perfectly coordinated.

But… Search “Design Dimensions” on Google Image search, however… and you can find a big ol’ bag of nope.  As in “Nope.  Not for me.”

So truth – I really don’t like this particular Jamberry offering.  

But it’s okay – I luuuuuurve so many more things that they’ve added to the catalog in the last year (cuticle oil pens, cuticle remover, and dear lord… that nail lacquer remover is WORTH it).  Hopefully by admitting that there’s really something I don’t like, don’t recommend, and just don’t have the talent to make look good, I’ll have a little more credibility the next time I DO say I like something.

So tell me – which camp do you fall in with these?  Love ’em?  Or leave ’em (to the pros, or to 1998)… 

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