This stuff GLOWS.


Have you ever been out for New Year’s Eve and thought, “All this needs is something that glows in the dark…” ?


Sure you have.  We all have.


And lucky you –  the answer to your First World Problem is finally here! (And these days, let’s take advantage of all of the solutions we can get our hands on.  There seems to be crazy around every corner these days.)

This limited edition design will only be available for a little while – and it’s actually chic enough to go with your LBD for a stylish night out that’s a little whimsical, too!

And for those of you that will be doing a “Countdown to Noon” instead of midnight with kiddos – there’s a Juniors version as well!

You can find all three designs (Noisemaker, Midnight Magic, and the Juniors version – Make Some Noise) here! 

What do you think??  Are you into the glowing designs?  Or do you go for a more classic “Midnight Celebration” look like this one?

Midnight Celebration - Jam

PS – I know my DH is going to be reading this, so when I quiz him later on the details of my post he’ll be prepared.  So just so you know, I also unloaded the dishwasher today.  It’s been a big day around here, buddy!

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