If Christmas Letters Told the Truth

Every year, we get a couple of pretty amazing Christmas letters updating us on the celestial achievements that a particular family has achieved over the past year.  Glowing highlights, culled from Facebook’s “These are the posts that make you look the least crazy” category.

But seriously – that’s not life.  So to help us all approach the holidays with a little more realism, here’s what our Christmas letter would say, if I made any effort at all to go to the post office, buy stamps, and Shutterfly some pictures where we all had our eyes open…

Our 2015 End-of-Year Wrap-Up:

Dear Friends and Family,

Another year has passed.  We made it – all of our kids are alive and we’re still married.  Our house is still standing, and our kids are dressed most days in weather-appropriate clothing.

Amelia started Kindergarten and is the sassiest, silliest, and smartest kid in the world.  She can also bring her mother to Olympic levels of stress-eating in a matter of minutes.

Henry started preschool, thank goodness.  Our house would NOT still be standing if he were home for the entire day.  Henry’s life revolves around “bad guys,” toilet humor, and making his sister’s life miserable.

They love each other so much that it makes their mom cry.

J is still working, which we’re super happy about because I don’t want to go back to being a lawyer ever in my entire life.  He likes his job, likes his coworkers, and is a great dad.  We also recently found out that he likes Coca-Cola flavored gummi candy, which was a major shock.

I’ve taken up quilting in yet another attempt to avoid doing laundry.  Jamberry doesn’t pay the bills, but it’s fun.  A lot more fun than laundry.

We didn’t win the lottery; we didn’t cure cancer; and most days our home looks like a hurricane went through.  But we’re all good.

Peace out.  See you in 2016.  Or not, because we can’t stand long car trips.



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