February Stylebox

I’ve said it a few times, but if you KNOW you love Jamberry, Stylebox is the WAY TO GO.  And if you’re just trying it, Stylebox is the way to go.

First: It’s a deal.  You get more product than it would cost to buy it all separately.

Second: That whole “What’s your style?” quiz finally means something, unlike the MLB All-Star game.  The winner actually determines what comes in your box.  Each category gets different stuff.  (You can pre-select each month in case there’s a pretty amazing something-or-other in a different category.)

Third: For those of us in this world that have trouble looking like we’ve even SEEN a fashion magazine, Stylebox is like a little Fashion Fairy delivered to your mailbox every month.  The products go together, come with tips for wearing them, etc.

And last.  The biggest reason to subscribe:  FREE SHIZZ.  Every couple of months there’s a major bonus product – either an extra bottle of lacquer, eye shadow, lipstick, or extra sheet of wraps.  In January, it was a voucher for 2 free Chatbooks.  So yeah – the swag is worth it.

The February Stylebox has a magical freebie in it:


Shyeah.  Did you see that “Shattered Glass” stuff?  That design that looked like unicorn tears running down the windows on the Barbie Dreamhouse?  That’s this month’s freebie, and you can only get it in the February Stylebox.

Stylebox Information, Quiz, and Details HERE! 

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