It’s not for every gal, but it IS for me.

Who got through the holidays and sort of forgot to go back to “work”?

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This is maybe my second extended hiatus – the first one ended after I went to JamCon2015 and felt all sorts of amazing feels relating to all things Jamberry.   This time, it was another girl on my team just reminding me how much fun our team is, how nice it is to spoil our littles with treats every now and then and not feel guilty for it.


PLUS – I took Amelia to the nail salon for a “Mommy and Me” manicure – and it DESTROYED my nails.  I cheated on Jams and I paid for it.  But now… I’m BACK, babies!!


Which leads me to this post:

Jamberry: It’s not for every gal, but it IS for me.

I know that not everyone loves Jamberry – either the nail wraps, the gels, the lacquers.  Trust me – from some of the comments on this page to some of the nastier guests at parties, I get it.  There are a ton of things out there that I have the same vitriolic response to when I try them (albeit a lot quieter since I’m afraid to piss anyone off by saying, “Uh – thanks, but Shakeology made me want to die fat.”)

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Image Credit: Oh My Deer Paper Gifts and Hand Lettering on Etsy.  Go there.  The stuff is beautiful!  

So here’s my take on it.

The nail wraps work for me.  They didn’t work perfectly at first and I had some major trial-and-error, but they work.  I don’t have time or money to go to a salon, and I don’t have the time or talent to do the nail art for myself.  Plus, my kid LOVES the Jamberry Juniors.

Remember that “Mommy and Me” manicure I just mentioned?  Amelia’s lasted two days.  DAYS.  Her shortest Jamicure has lasted over a full week.  (Her record is three weeks: the Halloween peacocks.)

Here’s *why* I think they worked for me:


  1.  I didn’t give up after my first try (when I honestly thought, “well, this is kind of a bust.”)  I had three packages of the silly things, so I just kept practicing.  I’d already paid for all of it, I might as well see if I could get them to work.
  2. I use the Jamberry mini-heater.  Yes, they work with a blowdryer.  Yes, you *could* hold them in front of the vent in the car while blasting full-heat.  For me – those things didn’t work, were cumbersome, or sent everything on the kitchen table blowing across the room.  That, my friends, did *not* work for me.
  3. I make sure to leave a small gap around the edges of my nails (along the cuticles), so I know for sure that the Jams aren’t overlapping any skin.  That’s the Kiss O’ Death for nail wraps.
  4. I have fun with it.  I don’t take it too seriously.  I have fun with my team.  I’m not trying to be the next Queen of the Jam World Exec.  I’m just trying to pay for pizza night.

Advice for Success with Jamberry:

First, have fun.  If you like the idea, keep trying it out.

Second, buy the mini-heater.  If you end up not liking Jamberry after trying them with that, you can always use it as a hand warmer!


But mostly, if you find you don’t like them, that’s totally fine.  Just be careful when you go to a salon and make sure you go for the gentlest options for removal.  Pick 5-free formulas.  Supports some of the amazing nail-art peeps that make Instagram such a fantastic place.





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