Custom Designs

Custom-designed with Jamberry’s Nail Art Studio, these unique and colorul wraps are a great way to help you achieve your “Signature Style!”

To see all of the Signature Style – Custom Designs, check out the video! 

To order any of the designs below, CLICK HERE! 

Galaxy of Hope - Watermarked Pink Paisley NAS - Watermarked Spring Blossoms NAS - Watermarked MS Walk Chevron Ribbons - Watermarked Mermaid Scales - Watermarked Rainbow Row NAS - Watermarked MS Walk - Footprints -2 - Watermarked NAS Watercolor - Watermarked ZigZaggity - Watermarked Boysenberry Paisley NAS - Watermarked Shell Pink NAS  - Watermarked Coral Beach NAS - Watermarked Clocks and Gears - NAS - Watermarked Amelia - Watermarked

To order any of the above designs, CLICK HERE! 

All wraps are $25.   You may purchase a gift card at:
Or you may request a Paypal Invoice at

IF YOU ARE A JAMBERRY CONSULTANT: I do require the $3 designer fee, which can be sent via PayPal.

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