Sail Away with Stylebox – Real Life Jams

Interested in Stylebox?

Every month Jamberry releases a video teaser about what’s to come in the Stylebox subscription package.  Sometimes, I just need to see it from someone that’s actually tried it to get excited about it.  This month is one of those months!

I saw the video preview and thought it was CUTE, but I wasn’t so sure whether I’d want to be walking around with a sailboat mani.  But now.  NOW.  Check out this picture posted by a teammate of mine – with flawless application and a great mixed manicure!

August Stylebox
Photo Credit: Jenny Fancher.

What do YOU think?  I’d love to hear it in the comments!

If you LOVE these and just have to have them, time is running OUT!  Stylebox subscriptions for the month cut-off on the 15th – so act fast if you want your subscription to start THIS month! You can find out more info here! 

Sail Away – Stylebox Subscription Service!

Like getting fun mail every month?  Are you a fan of StitchFix, BirchBox, or the Ipsy bag?

The Stylebox Subscription Service is for YOU!

kawaii-happy-mail-700x700There are several things that I LOOOOVE about Stylebox.

First and foremost: Happy Mail.  Sure, most of our bill are e-bills now, but it’s still fun to go to the mailbox and get something other than catalogs, coupon packs, and the daily realtor postcards.  (Daily.)

The second thing I love about Jamberry’s Stylebox is that the products inside are all exclusive.  You can ONLY get what’s in the box by being a subscriber.  It’s a fun little treat in a world of “every girl here is wearing the exact same dress from Target…” experiences.  It just makes you FEEL special to GET something special!!

The third thing I love about Stylebox: The suggestions for how to wear it.  I’m a Jam-loving, crazy-color lady.  But sometimes I really just don’t know how to mix-and-match without looking like a preschooler did my nails.  (And let’s be honest; a lot of time a preschooler HAS picked out my jams….)  Every month Jamberry sends out a YouTube video with all of the combos they suggest, as well as to do given the look that you’re trying to achieve.  Here’s this month’s!

One of the VERY best parts goes back to the exclusivity.  Jamberry tries out new products very often, or just rewards their subscribers with a little something extra.  In January, they threw in an amazingly pink pouty lipstick.  Another month we got nail art stencils.  My favorite is when there’s a catalog change coming – you get to be the first to get your hands on the new designs.  Jamberry sends EXCLUSIVE samples from the new catalog – which you can only get in the Stylebox.  Jackpot.

Lastly – I like that the plan is flexible.  A ton of subscription services make you sign up for a full year or 6 months.  With Stylebox, you can do 3, 6, or 12 month plans – with month-to-month subscriptions when your plan is over if you want to keep going!

This month’s Stylebox is “Sail Away.” Nautical blues and a nod to summer sailing make this a super cute way to send off summer!  Only available to order until August 15th – so you need to act fast!! 
Sail Away StyleboxYup.  Cute.  Are you a subscriber?? What do you think about this month’s Stylebox by Jamberry??

Time to Kiss “Kiss Me Ombre” Goodbye – It’s Going, Going, GONE.

Your next peek at this August’s “Going, Going, Gone” selection from Jamberry Nails – Kiss Me Ombre, Orchid Ombre, and Desert at Dusk.

These feminine and fun designs from Jamberry’s Spring/Summer catalog will only be available until August 31st!

August GGG CollageLike I said, kiss ’em goodbye.  Or make them a GOOD BUY.  See what I did there?  These feminine designs are SO pretty in person – even more so than the pictures would lead you to believe! All three are a great way to dip your toes (or fingertips) into the JamPool.  Not super crazy, but still fun enough to know that you’re trying something new!

Which one of these are you sorry to see go?   Need another look?  BOTH of these designs are retiring – this is “Kiss Me Ombre” with “Touch of Lace.”  You can find both HERE! 

Touch of Lace over Kiss me Ombre

Going, Going, Gone Forever!

Act Fast to Snap Up These Retiring Designs – Before They Enter “THE JAMBERRY VAULT*”

Twice a year, there’s a MAD dash for retiring wrap designs and lacquer sets when Jamberry gets ready to launch a new catalog.  The “Going, Going, Gone” months are always hectic, fun, and a scramble to get orders in before faves are gone forever. I’ll be honest – last Spring I was a little underwhelmed.  Most of them I thought, “Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!”   But this Fall, Jamberry is discontinuing some of my absolute favorites – and TOP sellers!  Take a look at these Going, Going, Gone designs – is your favorite on the list??

Going Going GOne COllage

Bling Bling, Haute Pink, Kiss Me Ombre, and my all-time favorite metallic Gold Fishnet are all getting retired.  Right there is my first Buy-Three-Get-One-Free order for the GGG month.  But then I saw Pixie, Blue Jeans, and Boysenberry Chevron.  COME ON!  This isn’t like last time when I really didn’t care that much for the retiring designs.  This time they’re cutting some gorgeous stuff from the catalog!! Just take my money, intarwebs.

Is your favorite on the least of those being retired??  If so, don’t miss out – the website will ONLY have these designs available until the end of August.  So act fast!  You can find them all here!

*The Jamberry Vault doesn’t actually exist.  But they won’t be available ever again!